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Support FAQ

If you just opened your kit and have questions, this is the place to start! Here are the top support questions and answers for first-time users.

Bloxels Official Kit and Monster Box

Bloxels Official Kit and Monster Box

How do I use my activation code?

The Official Kit and Monster Box come with a code to create your account. You can use this to create a personal account in the app, or on the Web here.

Where do I get the app?

You can play Bloxels on iOS, Android, Kindle, and the Web. Check out the Downloads page for more.

Where is my activation code?

Kits made prior to 2018 did not come with an activation code and were discontinued. These and other used kits might still be sold by third parties and discount retailers, or by sellers on eBay or Amazon. If you have one of these kits, it will still work with the Bloxels app! But you will need to purchase a personal account to use the app. More information here:

Lost or missing parts?

If you have any problem with your order from Bloxels on Amazon or from our Store, please let us know so we can fix it for you!

How do I capture the board?

In the app's Game, Character, or Art builder modes, create a new asset. Then tap the CAMERA button to pull up the capture window.

Follow the on-screen guide. Make sure the entire board is inside the camera's window. For best results, adjust your lighting so that the camera can recognize the edges of the board and the colors of the blocks.

The most common issues with Capture are permissions and lighting. Make sure you have given the app permission to access the device's camera. If you denied the app access to the device camera, you can delete the app and reinstall to fix this. Capture is not available on the Web version of the app. If the camera isn't capturing the board or the colors correctly, please experiment with your lighting. Non-reflective surfaces and natural lighting work best.

Can't connect- firewall setup

Bloxels requires an Internet connection. If your firewall is blocking access to Bloxels servers, you will not be able to use the app or EDU Hub. Check out the right settings here.

What's a good place to start?

There's no wrong place to start with Bloxels. Get inspired by featured games in the Arcade, build a character, create animations, or jump into game building. These tutorials cover the bases from novice to expert.