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Activation codes and kits


Have an official kit? Your code is in the box!

Use your unique code from an Official Bloxels kit to create your account. Enter your code in the Bloxels app, or register here to get started.

These kits can be purchased on the Bloxels store and on Amazon.

Older kits (made by a third party) did not include a code. Although these kits are still available on the aftermarket, we recommend buying the Official Kit which comes with an account code. The current Bloxels app will work with older kits, but you will need to create a new personal account to use the Bloxels app.

Get a personal Bloxels account

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Educators: Do you have older Bloxels kits?

It's not unusual for a teacher in a new position to find older Bloxels kits in their supply closets! If you have older kits that pre-date the Bloxels EDU app and subscription plans that were launched in 2018, they will still work. We can set you up with an extended period to try out the EDU app and hub to see if you'd like to continue with it.

Contact us with your details to set up a trial, or if you'd like to set up one on your own you can go to and sign up. After that, if you'd like to keep using Bloxels, we can help find the right plan that fits. Typically our plans are $6 per student account per year, but there are a number of other bundles and new resources to check out over in our shop.