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Builder Modes

Ready to build?

There are four primary builder modes in Bloxels: Games, Characters, Art, and Backgrounds, plus the Arcade, where you can publish your games.

gamebuilder mode.png


The Game Builder is where it all comes together. Build and test your game with the 8 basic block types, and then add your characters, art, and more. You can choose your main character, your music, and background, as well as game type (platformer or top-down) in this mode.

character builder mode.png


With the basic character builder, you can create the art and animation of your characters (your hero and enemies.) Then you can change the speed, size, health, and special abilities of your characters in Character Lab.

art builder mode.png


In the Art Builder mode, you can create the art and animations for your game. Art can be applied to any of the 8 basic blocks in your game. It can also be used to create mid-backgrounds, and to "stamp" in Background Builder.

background builder mode.png


You can use this mode to paint backgrounds for games. You can import art as stamps, and drop these into the background. When you import art as a stamp, it will change the art to the background's palette of colors.

arcade mode.png


The Arcade is where you can go to publish your games, and to see and play games created by the community. When you're ready to publish a game, the Arcade will walk through a ready checklist, and then the game will be moderated before going live. Moderation can take up to 24 hours at peak times.