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Bloxels Community Guidelines

Welcome to Bloxels!

Joining Bloxels means you’re part of a big, creative community. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from—here, you can build, share, and learn. Please take a moment to read our Community Guidelines, as these describe the place we're all building together.

Be Excellent to Each Other

Be your best self on Bloxels. We’re all different and that’s cool. Be as weird as you like, but don’t be mean to others about who they are or what they create. We’re all here to make and enjoy cool stuff. Help new people and spread the good vibes.

Protect Your Privacy

Keep your personal and contact details to yourself. Never share information like your full name, contact number, address, school, email, or any links to personal social media profiles or messaging platforms.

Keep it Friendly

Everything you build and share should be okay for all ages. Only share stuff that’s okay for everyone. If you see something that’s not appropriate, offensive, inflammatory, excessively violent, or otherwise counterproductive to the community, hit “Report” to tell our team.

Remix + Give Credit

Remixing is taking someone’s original creation and adding your own twist to make something new. It’s awesome to use someone’s idea to make your own thing. Just make sure you change it up in your way and give credit to the original creator.

Play Fair

Don’t mess with the platform, or use it for harmful or illegal activities. Play fairly without cheating.

If You Don’t Follow the Rules

Not following these rules can lead to deletion of content, suspension of an account, or a lifetime ban in the most serious cases. Help us build the community we all want by following these simple rules.

Most importantly, have fun with Bloxels! Whether you are playing or building, respect others and let’s make this place awesome for everyone.