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Game of the Year Awards 2023

Nominate a game for the Bloxels 2023 Game of the Year Awards!

As 2023 comes to an end, it's time to honor the extraordinary talent in the Bloxels creator community. We've featured more than 100 games this year in the Arcade, and know there are more out there to see and play. Any game made in the past year is eligible, so let us know by nominating one below, and watch this space for the award winners in early 2024!

This year, awards will be given in three categories:


Spotlighting titles that blend learning with fun. Student-made games that aim to inform, teach, and persuade, enter this category.


Honoring the most consistently impressive game series. Creators who have made multiple installments of their epic characters and stories enter this category.


Celebrating games with outstanding gameplay, innovative design, and overall excellence. There are so many of them, we want to play them all!

Winners will be featured on the Bloxels website, newsletter, and on YouTube. Multiple awards will be given in each category. Submissions are open until January 5, 2024. Use the form below to nominate a game. Winners will be revealed on January 31, 2024 in an email announcement. Get on the list by nominating a game below, or signing up for the Bloxels newsletter to hear about it first!