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Student Accounts FAQ

What's a student account?

With an account, students can access the Bloxels app, personalize their avatars, access their creations across multiple devices, and share content with their peers. Teachers create the student accounts and distribute the login information to students. This also allows teachers to monitor and assess what students are creating and sharing.

Is it a software license?

Not exactly. You can think of student accounts like "seats." When a student account is archived or released, it then opens up the seat for another student to use. The number of seats that a teacher has depends on their plan, which may be managed by an administrator. To see how many student accounts you have in your plan, visit your account page.

Can student accounts be an email address? How does rostering work?

Currently, no email is associated with a student account. Student usernames and passwords are created in the Hub, and can be done in a batch via copy and paste. Usernames can be generic/anonymous, instead of being tied to personal names.

Can the same student be in multiple groups/classes?

Yes. Keep in mind that for every class a student is in, it counts as a "seat" in use.

How do I Release Student Accounts?

When you release a student’s account to a parent or guardian, it becomes a personal account, which they can use on their own to keep building.

This also frees up a seat for you to use for another student. And when parents purchase the account, you will get an additional student account added to your current plan for free.

Reuse Student Accounts

Student accounts are not permanently assigned to individual students. You can use the accounts with new students throughout the year. For example, if you have 25 student accounts (or "seats"), you could use them with a group of 25 students for the first part of the year, and then reuse them with another group of 25 for the second half of the year.

To do this, you can archive accounts that are no longer in use (or release them to parents) and create new ones for new students. Archived student accounts can be unarchived at a later date if you choose to bring the students and their work back into an active status.


How do I setup student accounts for a library checkout?

When checking out a Bloxels kit, you will need to provide the Class Code, User name, and PIN to students so that they can login and use the Bloxels app. Download the guide to see how this works.