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Education: Getting Started

Bloxels Quick Start Guide

Bloxels Quick Start Guide

Here is what you need to jump in and get your students building right away.

Download the Guide.

Don’t have Bloxels yet? Go here to request an educator trial.

Create Your Account

You will need your activation code for this step, which was emailed to you at the time of purchase. Activation codes look like this: ## EDU-XXXXXX-HUB

If you have any trouble locating your code, please contact us at with your order information and we will help you out!

Already have an account? You can upgrade your plan at any time by logging in and entering your activation code on your PLAN page.

Set up a Class and Students

Once you're signed up, you can create a class for students to log in to. Each Class you create has a unique CLASS CODE that students will use to log in to the app. Jot this down for them and get ready to build.

Get the Bloxels app

The Bloxels EDU app is available on the Google, Amazon, and Apple iOS App Stores. Once the app is downloaded to student devices, they can enter the CLASS CODE to login.