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Bloxels in Circulation

Bloxels is a popular resource in libraries and makerspaces. Here's a look at how to use Bloxels effectively in circulation:


Bloxels Kits and Plan

Ensure you have the necessary Bloxels kits, which include physical blocks and a game board. You will also need a Bloxels EDU subscription plan, which will enable you to manage and monitor Bloxels accounts. These can be purchased separately or as a bundle in the Bloxels store.


Setup Bloxels Accounts for Checkout

Getting set up starts in the EDU Hub. In the Hub you can manage accounts, reset passwords, and view and moderate content. Once you register your subscription with the Hub, you can create a “Class” and add accounts to allow patrons to login. It's recommended to use generic names for the accounts. See this tutorial for step-by-step details on creating a class.

A Class has a Class Code, which is a six-digit code used to login to the app. You can change it if you like. Each user account has a 4-digit PIN, which you can also change if you like.


Checkout and Return Process

When checking out a Bloxels kit, you will need to provide the Class Code, User name, and PIN to your patron so that they can login and use the Bloxels app. The login sheets also include information on how the patron can access the app on the Web or on a device. In the Hub, you can print login sheets with this information to distribute with the kits on checkout.

On return, you can reuse the login info for the next patron, or create new users for the new patrons as needed. This will give them a “clean slate” to start with and they will be the only patron with access to their session.

If a patron would like to continue building after they return the kit, you also have the option to “release” their account. This will create a PDF of instructions for them to take over (purchase) their account. Learn more about the 'take home' program.