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Bloxels EDU FAQ

What ages work best with Bloxels?

The "sweet spot" for Bloxels starts at 9 years old, and from there, students build bigger and more complex games, all the way through university level and beyond. Younger students tend to focus on building simple characters and shorter stories.

What’s the difference between Bloxels and Bloxels EDU?

There is only one Bloxels app- Bloxels! A Bloxels EDU plan allows educators to use Bloxels in an educational setting. It includes features such as student logins, private group collaboration, and sharing, as well as visibility into student work and resources in the EDU Hub. Bloxels EDU plans are significantly discounted per student compared to an individual Bloxels subscription.

What devices support Bloxels?

Bloxels is supported on most iOS, Android, Kindle, and Chromebook devices. View our supported devices.

My schools has Bloxels Boards and Blocks, can I use Bloxels?

All Bloxels Boards and Blocks are compatible with Bloxels, but you will need the a Bloxels subscription in order to use the Bloxels app.

Do I need the Bloxels Hub to use Bloxels?

Access to the EDU Hub is included in a Bloxels subscription, as it is required to setup classrooms and view student work. Each Classroom Pack purchase comes with 25 Student Accounts, so you’ll be ready to get your class started right out of the box! Need more seats? Contact Us.

Does Bloxels require an Internet connection to use?

You will need an Internet connection to use Bloxels. This is so that you can login to your account, access collaboration features, and sync your data.

Do you accept Purchase Orders?

Yes we do! Please visit our Purchase Order page to submit all purchase orders.

Do you offer volume discounts?

Schools and districts can get volume discounts, based on the number of student accounts in their plan. Please contact us.

How do you protect my student’s privacy online?

Bloxels is COPPA compliant. We take yours and your student’s privacy seriously and we do not track or share personal information. We will never ask for your account’s passwords. Please click here to view our Privacy Policy.

How many students can use one Bloxels Classroom-Pack?

While it is possible for a group of students to team up on a single board, it is recommended to have one board per student. Building takes time and planning, and a 1-to-1 ratio allows students to build at anytime.